June 29, 2014

Always My Baby Boy

Mr C (aged 11) starts high school next year.

I'm totally not ready.  Not at all.  Hang on, wasn't he just a tiny blonde haired, blue eyed baby, who hardly opened his eyes for two weeks, and would lay his head on my shoulder to be carried around all day while I went about my business?

Oh yes he was.  And now he's going to high school.  Oh my!

In a Mothers eyes, does a little baby boy ever, ever stop being a baby boy?  I'm guessing no. As a mum of two daughters and a son, and while I love them all so equally, I mother my son differently.  I'm maybe a bit softer with him, because girls can be all kinds of cray cray crazy!

You know what I mean.

I think about my friends who have sons, with or without siblings, and each one of them show a very definite, beautiful relationship. They see their gorgeous little guys growing from Wiggles loving toddlers, to boisterous, noisy tweens who love laser skirmish and annoying their sisters on a regular basis.

I'm yet to find out what it's like living with a teenage boy, but in 2 years time, I'll be able to tell you.  I wonder what will happen when my son becomes an adult, with a family of his own?  Will he still be my baby boy, who I protected so fiercely that my heart ached when I thought of him?

You bet.  I'll cuddle him even when he's 6 foot tall, and remember when he was the smallest cherub, and I will love him even more than I do today.

Do you have a son?  Will he always be your baby boy?

Thank you to my beautiful friends for sharing these photos of their own baby boys.


River said...

I did mother my boys differently to the girls. With the older boy, I couldn't see it at the time, but can now with hindsight. He stopped being my baby boy when he left home at 15. With the youngest, I knew I was doing things differently, he is still my baby boy now at 33.

Jen said...

My son is very recently a teenager and he's still my baby boy. He too starts high school next year. We're in SA so they start in year 8 here. It's been amazing watching him grow up.

Jacana said...

There is something special about sons. I have three and they all tower over me. I also mother my boys more than my daughter. Girls just seem to be able to cope with so much more than boys. Your post hit my emotions - thank you

Mimsie said...

I removed my comment as I stupidly made some comments about my son which I think were inappropriate on here when you were telling us about your wonderful boy. I have no idea what all these other comments are. Have you been spammed perhaps?

Farmers Wifey said...

@River I'm happy to read that, I'm not the only one then xo

@Jen I hope he enjoys his high school years, it's very exciting for them! xo

@Jacana I'm glad it did, how strange for our little babies to be taller than us!!!! it's a weird feeling lol xo

@Mimsie my dear friend I did read your comments and this is the first chance I've had to reply. I did feel for you so much and understand why you wanted to delete your comments! Thank you though for sharing your stories with me xo

poppy said...

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