July 19, 2014


I've been officially unemployed for 20 days now.  Without job, lady of leisure and my personal favourite semi retirement are phrases being kicked around.

Despite a lack of money and feeling very weird, I'm doing okay. It was good to go away for school holidays but now we are back, and school has begun, I'm trying to get grounded and work out what to do next.

I must say that I don't, for one moment, regret resigning from my job.  It feels as if a dark cloud has been lifted, yes cliche I know but a fitting one. I now realise how ridiculously busy I was, how much stress I was carrying around and how I've been missing out on so many different things.

I'm definitely calmer, I can feel it in my soul. Those feelings of worry about fitting it all in, of doing things half heartedly and not having enough time have gone.

My choice has been a good one.

And I've been baking!  Yeah I can't believe it either!  Homemade treats for the lunchboxes, thank you very much!  I'm making an orange and chocolate chip cake tomorrow because we have an abundance of oranges and mandarins on our trees.

They are delicious!

Today the kids and I walked down to the trees and picked some fruit, it was such a beautiful day.  Not a sound and such peace and quiet. These precious, easy moments are what I've been missing.

I plan to have many more.


LisaW said...

It definitely sounds like you've made the right choice. I can't think of anything more blissful than taking time out with the kids, getting out in nature, and nurturing your family with home-baked treats made with your own produce. I'm seriously envious.

Farmers Wifey said...

Thanks Lisa, it's a nice break and I'm feeling relaxed! A lot calmer actually lol xo

My Pigeon Pair said...

You will never regret any decision that gives you more precious time with your kids. It is the most amazing feeling to just have time to breathe, it's then you realise how chaotic life has been. Love the photos too Michelle

Kat - The Organised Housewife said...

Great when you realise you made the best decision, your walk looks so peaceful!

Farmers Wifey said...

Thanks ladies, I'm loving this time at home, the kids love it as well xx

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