October 7, 2014

Horse of Course!

Living in the country, we are lucky to have wonderful neighbours who visit on horseback!  Why take the car when a ride in the sunshine will do?

Our friends saddled up and rode along the railway track to our property, it was such a beautiful day, and a pleasant surprise to have these horses in our driveway!

Miss T (aged 9) had her first riding lesson.  Now she wants a horse more than she even has before.


LisaW said...

So lucky to have the space to ride. Sounds like you might need to add a horse to the family flock. btw - I've never ridden a horse...they scare me!

Blooms on the Hill said...

Nothing better than going out for a ride on a lovely day!

Mimsie said...

How wonderful is that country life? There is nothing better and we city folk look on with envy.
Miss T looks right at home on a horse and hopefully one day she will get her wish.
The last time I was on a horse was when I was 5...dear old grey Bonnie. I've always regretted we had to leave the farm because of mum's illness but at least I then had my mum for many more years. We must always be thankful for what we had.

Maxabella said...

Oh she is sooooo getting a horse. Look at her go!! x

Farmers Wifey said...

Such a wonderful lifestyle living in the country! I do admit I enjoy visiting the city though, but I am always glad to get home x