March 30, 2009

Have some VISION

So it went a bit like this. The hubbster and I patiently waiting in front of the computer for the quote for redesigning and engineering the roof. Of the house that doesn't yet exist. You see, the plans are approved already, but we want a different roofline. Or did!

The email downloaded and in perfect harmony I said WTF and he said doh, while burying his head in his hands and jumping away from the computer as if he had seen a giant toad. Which we do see frequently here on the farm. What did we see, you ask?

We saw $5200.00, that's what we saw. For redesigning the stupid roof of the faceless house. That doesn't even include the floor plan. For that price the engineer can come and build the bloody house himself!

We were hoping to cost it at around $2000.00, but alas we were wrong. So we have decided to stick with the original plan, with one or two minor changes to stick with the Queenslander style. We are seeing another consultant tommorrow who will probably be alot cheaper, and can advise us where to go from here.

Once he sees the housesite and what is already done, he will draw up our floorplan, add it to the rest and we can submit it all to council. The most pressing issue for me now is to find a builder. A local with a good reputation, who can understand what we are trying to do. We want a classic Queenslander look, wide airy verandahs. High ceilings. Polished timber floors. Panelling on the interior walls with chair and picture rails. I can almost imagine what it will be like. Almost. The hubbster says "farmers wife - have some vision!!" I try, I really do and I can almost see it.

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