March 19, 2009

I scrapbook, therefore I am ...

I like to scrapbook. No. I love to scrapbook. A good friend introduced me to this worldwide craft phenomenon (the hubbster wouldn't say its a phenomenon, rather a way for wifey to spend loads of money on paper, ribbon, flowers, more paper) yadda yadda yadda. You can never have too much Bazzill I say!

The reason I scrapbook is for enjoyment, for stress release, for creativity, for brain function, for passing the time when there is nothing interesting on tv (scrapbooking is always more fun when the tv is on) and to preserve the memories of our lives. Specifically our childrens lives because in the years I have been at it, I only have albums for the kids, not myself, not the hubbster and not my overseas trip. I plan on starting these, I really do, but when I have some amazing paper, I always scrap a pic of the kids. For their albums. To be given to them on their 21st birthday - or maybe not. I wonder will they truly appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears? I have put into their albums??

I haven't tried digital scrapbooking as yet. Hmm, I'm not really sure about this. I like my pages to have texture, and depth, so I stick to the "old fashioned" way. I am not a tidy scrapbooker. Because we are in temporary accomodation on the farm, I have some of my "stuff" in a big plastic box, and my table is overflowing with the rest of it. As I have mentioned before, I will have my own kid free craft room in our new house and I honestly think I am looking more forward to that than say .. the new kitchen.

I never put away as I go, rather clutter up to the point of chaos. Heres a photo:-

- Note the unrelated wine glass and gym gloves in the top right hand corner. Guess which gets used the most. Here are some pretty pics:-


chrisi{joy} said...

hi! thanks for visiting my blog. i used the photoshop program i have to add my text and then i selected the image from my pictures and under placement i selected instead of title and description. hope this helps :)

helloally said...

ur desk is way tidy michelle i sit looking at mine LOL i too do not tidy up as i go then shift thru the whole lots going "it was here one second ago!!"
btw i love the little row of hearts thingy - cute