March 21, 2009

Just .. Stuff.

1 The day I wore my oldest undies (the ones with the hole in the seam) was the day the doctor suggested my yearly checkup.

2 I have run out of petrol in the car and locked the keys inside - at the same time.

3 When I dash to the shops with the kids to get just a few things, I run into a friend known as the perfect mother, who is well dressed, organised and has her kids under control. Mine are tearing up the place and I have on a thrown together clothing ensemble eg a tracksuit.

4 In any social situation where I need to show some form of emotional control, for example kids awards ceremony, kids dance recital, I disolve into tears and everyone looks at me strangely.

5 I have so many country home magazines ( and so little time to read them) that last week I bought 2 more at a cost of $18.00, not releasing that I already have them.

6 Just when I need to be quick in the shop because the hubbster and kids are circling the parking lot, there is always a delay at the checkout, and I get back to the car and the kids say "Daddy just said a swear word".

See I'm perfectly normal.


Anonymous said...

That's hilariou! I can definitely relate to the last one!

helloally said...

yes u are so not in the boat by ur onesies on those except maybe the whole keys and the fuel thing (im so not putting THAT out there) but ..the rest i can account for LOL