March 23, 2009

Ode to the Jump

What is the deal with jumping castles? I swear my kids have an inbuilt radar that detects these things from miles away, or even hidden away in someones backyard. We might be driving down the road and the kids will start screaming from the back:- "OM MY GOD (yes they do say this) there is a jumping castle".

Often we will go to the markets and the only things I buy are some tickets for the jumping castle. Which brings me to price. They usually range from $4.00 upwards, and if I ever ask the price and it's say $6.00 a turn, I always feel the need to say "no thanks, we can go home and the kids can jump on their beds for free" I never say that of course!

On the weekend we "found" a jumping castle at the local supermarket. I said we can go across but the hubbster can pay, as I am not paying today. I walked up to the lady and asked her how much for a jump on the jumping castle. She looked at me and said, "honey, it's free for you, jump on" Umm its not for me obviously but for the kids, over there hanging out of the car. I motioned for them to come across and they departed the car like rats, out of every hole and crevice, one out of the window, two out of the door. And bonus, it was FREE. We didn't need to go jump on the beds after all.

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