March 24, 2009

Decisions decisions

What is it with snooty jewellery store salesgirls. I was anniversary gift hunting today for me (our 10 year wedding anniversary is fast approaching, yippee jewellery time) and ventured into one local jewellery store. The two assistants there were each double my height and twice as young as me (well not quite double my height but really ridiculously tall), and had an air about them that spelled S T U C K U P.

One girl served me and I kinda got the feeling that I was wasting her time, that she would have much preferred to be somewhere else, like on a yacht somewhere exotic. (Well actually that could have been me preferring to be somewhere else).

So I looked at a few things that I would like the hubbster to buy me. I can't decide between:-

Of course these pics are not exact but you get what I mean. I saw this gorgeous rose gold bangle which I am leaning towards. It's a good price for solid gold but in some ways still expensive as it's so small and useless, according to the hubbster who can't for the life of him understand my penchants for gold jewellery, but who still won't give me his wedding ring to wear on my thumb (he doesn't wear it as it's not safe for him to do so at work) - but he doesn't wear it at home either so GIVE IT TO ME.

I ended up with some catalogues and not much else and left the dreamy dolls behind the counter and walked across to the other shop where a friend works and she is as down to earth as you can get, and I didn't want to go sailing after all.

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