March 28, 2009

Pic of the day

I have this fascination with tall buildings. And amazing bridges. And architecture that defies belief. I spend hours on wikipedia reading about skyscrapers - their height and whats involved in building them. Currently the record goes to the Burj Dubai, which stands at 2684 ft.

Don't get me started on Dubai. What a head shakingly amazing place. They have things like this and also like this and even this. I would love to visit this amazing region one day, just put it on my list of places to see.

When I toured America all those years ago, I loved seeing the different buildings from city to city.

In Santa Fe, New Mexico for example, the buildings we saw downtown looked completely different to what we saw in Dallas, Texas. The difference in architecture was simply amazing to me.

Other things that I loved was the Gateway Arch in St Louis, Missouri, and Lake Pontchartrain Causeway crossing Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana. This consists of two parallel bridges, the longer of the two is the longest in the world over water, measuring at 23.87 miles (38.42 km) long. It is also the second longest in the world over any terrain (cut and pasted directly from my old friend Wikipedia).

I crossed this Lake sitting in the front seat of our tour bus in the pouring rain, wondering if the driver could actually see anything and crapping myself thinking how the hell do we get across!

Apologies if I have lost some of you, as todays post may not be as true to your heart as it is to mine. In fact I admit that my palms are sweaty just thinking about Lake Pontchartrain. I didn't, at the time, realise the significance of crossing this Lake on this amazing bridge, that it will remain one of the most memorable moments in my life.

This long and winding road has now led me to my pic of the day. A place I have visited, you may know it as the Grand Canyon but with an added extra that I will walk on someday...


helloally said...

O M G @ the bridge over the lake...

Kimmy said...

WOW! I had no idea there was a bidge longer than the one going to Key West, which I've been. Awesome!!

I live in California, near San Francisco. The Golden Gate is definitely a must see when it comes to bridges. Simply beautiful! Ever in the area, let me know :o)