March 31, 2009

Mummy has a headache.

Yes I have a headache. A tension headache. I am kinda thinking what the hell have we done? Have we bought ourselves a big problem by buying a partially built house, and not just starting from scratch?

To explain, we saw our consultant today. I immediately liked him. He was an older gentlemen with loads of experience in building, drafting, surveying and the like We knew he would advise us correctly because he has been around for years and you can't beat experience and knowledge. And passion for what you do, and he has that in spades.

He also lived in an old country house that he built himself, and I really loved that. We explained our current situation, and the things that are worrying us. Besides giving us good practical advice, he explained that building our home is a journey, we need time out, we need to chill (not his words!) and we have to go step by step and enjoy the process.

Now I thought building was just drawing a floor plan, submitting it to council, organising a someone to build the thing and move in. I have so much to learn...

Things I didn't know and wished I did before starting this "lets build our dream home and be owner builders for part of it" blah blah blah

1 If a measurement on a plan reads at 300 but the wood on the house is built to 450, that could be a problem.

2 Hard wood is graded and if left to sit for a certain amount of time, the grading changes, which in turn may stuff up the plan already done.

3 Nothing ever gets done quickly and everything costs more.

So today we are getting measurements on what's been done, to give to our man who will draw up the floor plan. Then the three of us will meet the original engineer who drew up the plans, to voice our concerns and issues and really get the ball rolling. We have only today found out he is still around, I wish we knew this at the beginning.

So it's baby steps. But that's fine because we are that little bit closer to the end result. I think we are nervous because we are so new to this, having never built a house before and there is so much detail involved. Life is a challenge and this is ours.

And another thing, if Miss T (aged 4) doesn't stop having middle of the night, throw herself on the floor, scream like a banshee tantrums, I am going to poke myself in the eye with a stick.


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