April 29, 2009

Guinea Fowl Wrangling

Have I gone back to babyville? Should you call me a new mumma again?? I write, of course about our 9 guinea fowl, I feel like a mother of 8 newborn babies, actually I feel like Nadya Suleman except I have an extra one! The reason I am feeling this way is because the Hubbster and I just walked through shoulder height long grass, in virgin territory looking for our 9 lost, innocent and stupid guinea fowl. We found them, down a hill in the most impossible of places, and then had to herd them up the hill, not unlike mustering sheep.

They have been gone all day. The wandered off into the long grass on the second day that we have let them roam free. Guinea fowl are supposed to hang around the farm, because WE HAVE TRAINED THEM TO DO SO, but the little buggers don't seem to be doing what they are supposed to be doing.

We feel like we are new parents because last night, instead of roosting in their safe, predator free enclosure, they decided to sleep in the middle of the opened grass area. We then had to shoo them back in to their cage, where they would be safe.

I am very worried now that they will wander off again, tommorrow probably and I am not happy about walking in the long grass again, because we have snakes around and to be honest, I couldn't see a thing as the grass is wild, and needs burning off and if they get lost again WTF do I do? Fuck!

I don't want them to be eaten by foxes and that will happen if we don't retrieve them, cmon guineas GIVE ME A BREAK. Just stay home and stop causing me stress and anxiety! We have raised you from one month old, don't piss me off now. God, gimme a wine. (my alcohol hiatis lasted 7 days).

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