April 29, 2009

I am a magazine junkie

I am a magazine junkie. Yes. I am addicted to magazines. I love buying them and then piling them high until I buy the next one. The problem is, because I have time issues, I will buy one and then start reading and think "hmm, this sounds familiar".

Yes, I already bought that one LAST MONTH. I do this all the time. You would think I'd learn. These are the mags that I buy - sometimes twice:-

- Scrapbooking Memories
- Australian Country Style
- Australian Country Collections
- Country Home Ideas

My likes and dislikes and life stages have changed over the years and this is reflected in the style of magazines that I USED to buy. Which were:-

- Cleo
- Cosmopolitan
- Pregnancy and Birth ( I stopped buying this one when I realised that baby number 4 just wasn't meant to be *sigh*)
- Mother and Baby
- Practical Parenting (after 3 kids, if I don't know what I'm doing now, then I never will!)

I sometimes buy TV Soap, to find out what's hot on The Bold and the Beautiful, then I post it to mum. She likes that.

I suppose if I spent less time at the computer and more time elsewhere, I would have them all read.

Oh did I tell you I was addicted to computers????

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