April 30, 2009

Guineas again

We have had two days of good behaviour from the guinea fowl. All 9 are safe and accounted for. No wandering off too far EXCEPT on their daily walk. They are the most comical, infuriating little things I have ever come across.

They go for a walk and cackle their way up around the tennis court, and back along the side of the faceless house, laughing and chatting like a bunch of old ladies going to golf.

They scratch and pick at the ground then retire to the cage for a lunchtime siesta. Then away they go again, cackling and scratching and chasing each other, until I call out at 5pm "MILLET, COME AND GET SOME MILLET" (this is how we have trained them, and they fall for it!). They practically fall over each other to get back to the cage to get their millet. It's like a drug, they sound like little typewriters peck peck peck.

Then this happens:-

Ah yes, the ringleader. The trouble maker. The anarchist of the flock. I think this is Antonio. I'm not sure as they all look the same BUT this is the leader. He comes out after dinner when they are supposed to be roosting and tries to get the others to misbehave also.YOU better watch it mister, I have my eye on you!

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