April 14, 2009

Chance Meeting

We met with our man this morning. We took the kids. They were feral. There was nothing to bribe them with (last week it was the circus and bad behaviour = staying home) but it was nada today. So they got bored, and noisy. Our work got done, in between threats and stern silent looks.

We have officially finished the floor plan. Today we changed the opening to the theatre room to fit bi fold doors, and changed the roof pitch. Our man printed out the plan for us to dream about over the next few days. The plan looks wonderful. I love it. I love my kid free craft room. I love how our parents retreat is over to one side. I love how the living areas are in the middle of the house and the bedrooms, bathrooms and office are on the other side. It's a great plan. I am DREAMING of the house being built to this plan.

Our man is to contact our original engineer this week and set up a meeting. He will, I suppose want to see the build site, and finalise all the extras so we can submit to council. Then the fun begins. Which brings me to something amazing that happened last week.

I took Miss D to ballet and planned on taking the other two to the mall for icecream. By their behaviour during the 5 minute ballet stop, I thought there was no way in hell we were going anywhere near a crowd. I took them to a park instead, one we haven't been to before. There was a lady there with some kids, and we chatted while swing pushing. In the amount of time it takes to scratch ones bum, I found out this:

* She was building a new house, to start after Easter.
* Her builder was fabulous.
* Her builder has nothing on after her build.
* Her builder was reasonably priced, and was the only one to get back to her.
* Her builder has a house recently finished 5 minutes from our farm with his sign still there.

"OMG" I said. This was interesting information since I was actually looking for a builder. I rang him when I got home and he is phoning me after Easter.

Later that day, I drove past the house, which looked great. A few days later, the hubbster and the kids waited in the truck, while I tried to gain the owners attention (big dog in yard, so I yelled from the fence). The lovely owner came out, and after I explained why I was there, she most profusely took me in and showed me her beautiful home.

It was amazing. So many similarities to what we are wanting to build. She couldn't speak highly enough about the builder. Of course we will get three quotes but from a chance meeting in a park to getting a good lead, I feel this is a great start.


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