April 14, 2009

Kid talk

My son and I were playing a competitive game of handball today, and as the girls were busy at the computer (http://www.barbie.com/) I thought it a good time to have a chat. As he is sports crazy, and a health nut already, it went a bit like this:-

me: Why do you like sports so much?

him: Because I do

me: But why?

him: Because I just do (this went on for a few more rounds until)

him: Sports makes you healthy, and not fat and makes you run really fast

me: Okay right ... (that got me thinking)

me: Do you think mummy is healthy? (already knowing that I need to lose 5 kilos)

him: Well, yes you are healthy ... except when you drink coke zero or hawaiian (meaning wine)

me: (remembering last week when he was punching my belly saying how bouncy it was!) Honey you can have things like that sometimes, remember when you have chocolate or icecream, just sometimes?

him: Aw yeah right (grin on his face)

I'm happy with that. I didn't have any hawaiian tonight.

1 comment:

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