April 11, 2009

Good, Good Friday

As today was Good Friday, we had to reluctantly drag along the kids to the meeting with our man. What were we going to do with them for 2 hours? As it turned out, they were on their best behaviour (blackmailed beyond belief with the threat of cancelling the circus later that day).

They happily watched ABC Kids and were totally entertained as we have totally cut back their tv time (see previous post re kids acting like robots). So we spent a good 2.5 hours discussing our house plans.

Today we did the layouts for the kitchen, the bathrooms and the laundry. All subject to change. We usually print out the plan, take it home for a few days, make any changes and take it back. It's so exciting to see our house taking shape, and it's much easier for me to understand what the finished product will be, as sometimes I just can't seem to get inside the hubbsters head. I mean, HE knows what's going on, but without it planned on paper I can't see "the vision".

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