April 11, 2009

10 years ago today

10 years ago today I was:-

Being pampered at the hairdressers in my home clothes, only to run to the car in a veil and headpiece, with people ohhing and ahhing as I passed.

Having my makeup done so meticulously that one must call me Miss Glamorous.

Posing in my underwear for private photos.

Drinking numerous glasses of bubbly to "calm the nerves".

Wondering if the prank phone calls from the yet to be hubbster were true, or just ha ha attempts to piss me off.

Hoping the weather would clear and the fine mist of rain would stop (which it did for the ceremony).

Feeling like a princess in my gown with the train so long it needed to be folded up twice.

Drinking copious amounts of double malibu and coke to get drunk on my wedding day, but alas it was going nowhere.

Trying to sit on the toilet with the biggest wedding gown ever invented.

Dancing and drinking cocktails with my new husband at a nightclub after our wedding.

Making out with the hubbster in the back of the maxicab, whilst our drunken happy group politely tried not to notice.

Delirously happy to finally be married after so many years.

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful, patient, kind hearted, longsuffering husband. You know who you are ...

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