April 17, 2009

Why I Love Facebook

My Status Update: School Holidays and rainy weather - how odd...

Friend 1: love the mild sarcasm there

Friend 2: oh does that mean kiddies are indoors all day? Oy.

Me: Yes that's why I am pulling my hair out strand by strand.

Me: Apart from yesterday when they stripped naked and rolled around literally in the mud. And I let them!

Friend 2: Oh boy...and did you have to hose them off in the driveway before they could re-enter the house? LOL!

Me: Well thank god we still live in a shed and speaking of hoses ....

Friend 3 (Miss T's kindy teacher) omg our kids spent the whole day almost in the mud when they were little and then hosed themselves off with the dam water B4 coming inside (that was a rule LOL) ... Michelle ..cover the dining room table with a huge sheet they can pretend its a cubby ...(ours did this that often when it rained that i actually made a cover for it with windows and a door ...(ill just be quiet now LOLOL)

Me: umm what time did you say you'd be here???

Friend 3: bahahaha......

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