April 17, 2009

Gimme the wine for my PMS

Hi, I'm Michelle. And I have PMS. Yes it's taken me all these years to figure out why I turn into a raving banshee before that time of the month. I think I already knew but now I have accepted it.

I am an emotional mush at the best of times, but the week before my period, watch out. All the little things that are like "whatever" (in a I couldn't care less kinda way) take on a more sinister appearance during this week, and I become very hard to deal with.

I can see it myself, I am usually calm and patient (well almost) but I get stressed, irritable, sad and just plain cranky. I yell at the kids, get shirty with the hubbster, feel like a crap parent, wish I could do better with the kids, and then as quick as a magicians hands, it all disapears and I am back to some kind of normal.

After a particularly trying couple of days last month, the hubbster said "for gods sake, just tell me when this week is here, so I can help out with the kids, and help you". Bless him, he is great with them already, but now he knows not to piss me off and help with discipling the little devils, especially at bedtime which can sometimes resemble a nuthouse. Now, I'm just off to get that wine...

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Anonymous said...

My name is Terri and I also suffer from PMS! I'm all whiney and then if my husband tries to make me feel better, he just better watch out! Isn't it terrible?! :-)