May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me...

Hi. I'm Michelle. It's my birthday. Besides a cold sore, a throat infection and coughing up a lung, life's just peachy.

Yes I have another notch on my belt, another year down, or another feather in my cap. Or whatever. What's the deal with birthdays anyway? What do people ACTUALLY do on their birthday?

Does the 20 something young thing put on her glitziest dress and her best heels and go on up to the rooftop party in a building in a great big city, where all her friends have gathered in her honour? Her hair is, of course, fabulous, she sips ladylike from a long fluted champagne glass and all attention is on her? whilst the citylights twinkle in the background? Is this what people really do?

I have had some great birthdays. Last year we had dinner at home with all our family, the kids had a cake for me and I met my guitar for the first time. The year before was the big 4 0, so my fabulous friends took me out for dinner and it was special and wonderful, after spending the day with my family. This year it's a bit different. I am sick, my son and mother in law are sick, the hubbster is working, so we are officially putting off dinner and cake til next week, and as he said "just pretend your birthday is next week so we can celebrate then".

But it's today. The good things about today are spending it with my kids and hubby, and receiving good wishes from my important friends in the real world and in cyberspace, who mean alot to me. But besides that, today has been a little less ordinary. And this is why:-

My son is sick too but desperately wanted to still play football so we drove in to town, only to have him run on once then sit out for the rest of the game. We just should have stayed at home. We were expecting some people to arrive at 11am to look at our car for sale, so instead of doing all the little jobs I wanted to do in town, we flew home with nothing done, arriving by 11am. The people came after lunch. And the best part of the day in a bad kinda way is as follows:-

me: takes 2 overdue dvds back to shop

smarmy girl: these are a week late

me: yes I know, I have been sick in bed since the weekend and totally forgot about them. There should be some overdue fees I owe.

smarmy girl: Yep, you owe $64.00 in overdue fees.

me: looks at her and says goddammotherfucking fuck fuck fucking what

me: (no, I really say) are you kidding me?

smarmy girl: nope. $64.00

me: thinks, stop smiling or I'll jump the counter and give you sixty four dollars worth....

me: pays $30.00 and walks out in disgust

The part of my brain that registers overdue library books and overnight only on dvds sometimes OBVIOUSLY doesn't work. It's my fault, I know but this nearly made me cry. What a waste of money. I have decided to go in on Monday and sweet talk the manager and explain what has happened and see if she will waive the outstanding money. I will also ask if they have procedures in place to ring stupid people like me who don't return library books or dvds on time. I rang 3 shops in town and they all give a courtesy phonecall or text if new releases are late. That will be my trump card. Wouldn't you think that someone in the shop would have noticed that not one but two new release dvds were outstanding for a number of days, oh hang on, they are kids movies. Maybe that doesn't count.

If she makes me pay the outstanding money, I am going to cut up my membership card there and then, throw it on the floor, jump around on it and have a mini tantrum, because sometimes people just have to give a little....


Anonymous said...

i have missed your blogs Michelle, while you have been recovering! I hope you are feeling a lot better soon.
Please, please, please text me befroe you go into the dvd shop...I desperately want to be there to see you cut it up and jump on it in the store.....hahahahahahah (laughing out loud, but I agree that is absolutely ridiculous they have $64 worth of overdue fees and no call/text/email)

helloally said...

:-O $64..are you serious ..WTFF!!!
good grief!

Barbara said...

Holy crap $64 for one week? That's just insane!! Happy belated birthday ... I do hope, other than the crappy visit to the video store, it was a nice day :)

Farmers Wifey said...

Seriously, I didn't know if to laugh, cry or tantrum....

dysey70 said...

One of my children took DVD's out in my name, (unknown to me), and rang me one day saying there is money owing due to them being overdue and don't worry it will be paid. When I rang the shop, the bill was $149!!!!!!!!! I spat it. I went in, luckily the owner was there, and explained what had happened. She assured me he must of known my password. I assured her that 1. He wouldn't of as it was a password I used 20yrs ago and have changed since 2. I have never ever been asked a password at that store yet. Eventually they waived the bill as I told them I won't be paying it, and he never did, so they had to wear the cost for their irresponsible staff. We are fighting the same tihng in another store, hence we have put blocks on all our video store accounts!!!! Hard lesson learnt!