May 10, 2009

Bloggers Bum Again

Here I sit on my bloggers bum, sipping my second cup of tea. I have opened my gorgeous Mothers Day presents from the kids. We have been on the go since 3pm Friday afternoon doing this:-


Took Mr C to football training.
Drove Miss D to jazz.
Drove back to football where we collected the hubbster and son to go to school disco.
Son decided he wanted to go back to football (to watch the big boys play) so Miss D and I stayed at the disco, while the hubbster, Mr C and Miss T drove (again) back to football.
Collected us from disco, back down to football, ate steakburgers and drinks and chased kids around.


Drove into town for sons football game.
Then drove 20 minutes to a birthday party.
Then drove half an hour home, showers all round, then back into town.
Deposited kids at nannas and the hubbster and I smuggled chicken and chips into the movies and watched Star Trek. (hubbster stressing about getting our bag checked because you know, you are not allowed to TAKE food into cinema - you have to eat $7.00 bags of MandMs for dinner (yeah effing right))

So as of now, I haven't even unpacked the kids school bags, the place is a mess, we have visitors arriving at 2pm, I have to go food shopping, one guinea is lost (farmerswife rolls her eyes, guess what I will be doing later) but here I sit because it is Mothers Day and I can do WTF I want.

Well until the hubbster comes home from shooting anyway! (shooting targets, not animals, that's not allowed here, except for the crows that annoy the crap out of us).

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums who are frazzled, stressed, busy, pulled in all different directions, moulded like playdough into resembling some kind of crazy banshee type creation (I feel like this alot) but are also loved and possibly appreciated some of the time.


Mayberry said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too (I guess it's already over where you are, but ours hasn't quite started yet!)

Farmers Wifey said...

Thanks a bunch! We are in the middle of mothers day now, I have actually now done the shopping, washed up the dinner plates and am getting ready for our visitors. I hope you have a fabulous spoilt rotten mothers day!!

helloally said...

happy mothers day michelle

Farmers Wifey said...

Thanks Helloally. Can you email me your blog so I can check it out. My email is

Anonymous said...

oh i dont have a blog ..dayum where would i start LOL...its Aileen btw did you get my email regarding the greek god!!!! if not you NEED it seriously it totally isnt a want it is a need to see it...i guarantee you will look at ur puter screen and be dropjawed!!... well ahem i was lmao.have a great day! (bugga it wont let me sign in so im being annon lol)