May 22, 2009

Here it comes again..

Yep. It's found me. It didn't take long. It's May, afterall. What is it Farmerswife, you say? The dreaded sore throat. Yes, it starts in the throat and goes up til my head is ready to explode and my neck glands resemble a puffer fish. I consume so many antibiotics during winter, I'm sure I would be immune to them by now. But when I start to feel like this, supermarket medicine just won't do the trick. Of course, the Hubbster always says "hey I know a good remedy for a sore throat" to which I reply "in your dreams buddy".

I'll get over it. I might go and see the hunky doctor on Monday. On second thoughts maybe I'll go and see someone less intimidating.

Occasionally, late in the afternoon, my blood sugar levels fall. My symptoms include trembling, fatigue, dizziness and a craving for sweets. My treatment consists of shovelling handfuls of cooking chocolate into my mouth, or guzzling coke zero, usually at the same time, whilst being in a trance like state. Once when I had neither, I tried eating milo from the tin with a spoon, but that wasn't the same. When I feel like this, the craving for sweet foods is very strong. After a while, I settle down, then feel sick for a couple of hours because I am full of chocolate.

I am healthy otherwise. Well, once I lose this dreaded 5 kilos that somehow found me again this year, I will be tip top.

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