May 4, 2009

That's his excuse...

Mr C hasn't been listening today. It's like, I ask him to do something, then I ask again, then I ask for a third time before yelling at him for the fourth. Then I have to get down to his level and drag him to where I want him to be. In the bathroom tonight he said:-

Mr C:- Mum I know why I am not listening today.

Me: (thinking you are not listening because you are acting like your father - he doesn't listen either) Why aren't you listening honey.

Mr C:- Mummy, you KNOW why.

Me: (fuck what is he talking about?) .

Mr C:- it's because my hair is over my ears and I need a haircut.

Me:- (mentally booking him in to the hairdressers tommorrow) Yes baby, that must be why you aren't listening today. (watch out mister, when your hair is short, what will your excuse be then?)

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