May 7, 2009

Stupid people

*Warning - a bit more than usual swearing/or foul language (aren't they one and the same?) in the following post. Parental guidance advised.*

I was reading the paper the other day, how DO i find the time, and I came across this SMS:- (word for word)

**Witnessed a homeless man purchasing a flanno shirt 4 the cool nights in a shop and the workers were laughing and spraying air freshner. To the workers, sewrage smells better than your compassion.**

Kudos to the author for noticing this piece of work, and daggers in the back to the bitches - and I say bitches because men just don't act like this. Why the hell do these people think they can treat others with such contempt and a lack of compassion? This behaviour infuriates me so much that I'm getting a headache.

What do these smartarses really know about this man? NOTHING. He may have a family, or he may be alone. He might have had a good life and turned the corner into the life he now leads. He could have been someone important, or he could have been no one. Do they really care?

Is it human nature to laugh at others less fortunate? To these people, I suppose it is, but for me, it's not. I always have a hard time when I see homeless people, or someone who is struggling. I pity them, I don't make fun of them. I wonder when these workers were in school, did they tease the kids who were a bit different, I remember at school some kids went through hell at the hands of idiots like this.

In the big scheme of things, I suppose this incident doesn't really matter, BUT imagine how that man felt? Degraded. Alone. Humiliated. I hope this man finds some sort of peace in his life, and these women (and I am only assuming it WAS women) realise how fucked up they are. Fuck you.

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