June 20, 2009

The Best Day Ever

We literally had the best day ever today. Mr C (aged 6) played football, and his team remained undefeated winning this game 9 - 0. It wouldn't worry me if they didnt' win a game, because I just love the fact they are playing a team sport, having fun and the parents get to cheer for them.

But it is amazing that they keep on winning, despite the fact the little terrors play up at training, sending the coach into a near frenzy. But they get it all together for the game, and no one can understand how?

My football mad son also got his third try and I am so proud of him. And he is proud of himself too! After the game, we collected the kids nanna and drove out to the Mount Larcom show, which is an agricultural show held every year. As well as the usual sideshow alley and rides for the kids, there are woodchopping, chainsaw and horseriding events.

The kids loved the baby animal nursery where they could cuddle different animals. Of course I forgot to take my camera along, so I have no photos of today. I suck big time.

The first things we saw were the cattle. Lots and lots of cows and bulls, some as pretty as a picture as they were being judged.We have decided to breed cattle on our land, so are investigating what breeds to go with. There are two that interest us, so we wanted to have a look while at the show. It is very exciting to think we may become legitimate farmers very soon!

It was a good thing nanna was on board because the kids wanted showbags and she bought them at a ridiculous price, but that's what nannas are for. The show bags (which are The Fairies, Ben 10 and Stuff for the Tween Set) are filled with heaps of plastic crap that will either be broken tommorrow or thrown out, or possibly on the floor of the car with all the other junk.

Which makes me think of what would be in a show bag for me, as a frazzled mother. So The Frazzled Mothers Showbag consists of:-

- a bottle of wine and a plastic cup for the ride home after the show because I am tired, stressed and worn out from looking at cows all day

- various gift vouchers for the movies, the spa to get a nice massage, some babysitting, the wine shop, my favourite restaurant, the list goes on

- some nice bling in the form of a ring, a bracelet or some earings (not expected in a $25.00 showbag)

- a magazine subscription to my favourite read

- a couple of instant dinners for those times when I just don't feel like cooking...

- some very expensive and smooth inported chocolate, possibly Lindt

- a time out pass for when it all gets too much

- some furry handcuffs just in case the hubby feels like some loving that night

I didn't see this particular showbag on display so I guess I miss out this year.

It really is a fun day, we go every year, spend heaps of money and enjoy being a family. And the best thing was the kids all behaved and we didn't have one tantrum. Not even from me!!


Jen said...

now that would be a great bag!

Farmers Wifey said...

Yeah, if you ever come across one, do let me know lol

Barbara said...

Now that is what I call a show bag LOL. If only ....... *sigh*