June 28, 2009

Go Roosters!

I have been trying for days to get my blog button code right, so you guys can copy the code and add my button to your page. Cmon help me out because I have lost blood, sweat and tears trying to get it right with help from several html gurus who I totally admire. Because I suck at html and it gives me a headache.

BUT it looks like it has worked so give me some love and add my button..

Gotta say how proud I am of my son. His under 7's football team is still undefeated and today my crazy football obsessed offspring got his 4th try, numerous try saving tackles AS WELL AS man of the match. The Hubbster and I think this was his best game in his 2 years of playing, he was just on fire. He ran through the pack of defenders and pushed his way to get the ball over the line for his try, a fact that he reminded us of all day.

After the game, I took him to Cold Rock and had icecream as a treat, and used up his award voucher from the game. It was so nice just the two of us having "a date" as he likes to call it. But I think I have figured out why he played so good, because when I went to tuck his shirt into his shorts, I realised he had no undies on! So that's his secret, no underwear = awesome game!!!

Here's my handsome man, right in the middle with his blue headgear on!

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