June 23, 2009

I'm a Mother, I can bribe.

I had a win of sorts today. I relied heavily on threats and bribes but in the end it was just what I had to do.

This week at Miss D's ballet and jazz, it is open week, where the parents are allowed to watch. This is an important week because it's the only time I get to see what she is actually doing, and it is also a mock exam, because she has her first ballet exam after the school holidays.

So I really wanted to go. Of course, The Hubbster was working and the grandparents were out of town, so I had no choice but to take along Mr C and Miss T, remembering their ages as being a sometimes noisy and energetic 6 and an always loud and crazy 4.

I collected Miss T from Kindy and the first thing her teacher said was, something along the lines of "well, she is bouncing off the walls today, she is all over the place, she is a lunatic". Or something similiar, making me think there is no way in hell she will sit quietly through one hour of "watching" ballet. It just ain't gonna happen.

But I REALLY wanted to see my big girl doing her "thang" so during the drive into town, I bribed, I threatened and I pleaded with them just to be good and behave during the dance class and they could have their choice of whatever treat they wanted at the shop on the way home.

Well, we got through the hour! It helped that there was another mum there with two kids aged 2 and 5, so I was out in front from the beginning. My boy was fabulous, sitting with me the entire time and I was so proud of him. I would give him an 8.5 out of ten, because he was very tempted to get on the floor with Miss T who had started to roll around about half way into the class. I would give her about a 6 out of ten, because she was pretty good. She just got bored towards the end and kind of joined in, which didn't impress the teacher, but that's just the way it is sometimes.

The only one who got into trouble was me, because I haven't put the ribbons on the ballet shoes yet. Me bad. And I let the kids eat their chocolates in the car on the way home, right before dinner, because I really think they deserved their treat!


Jen at Semantically driven said...

Ooh yeah, bribery can work a treat can't it? I know you're not alone.

Barbara said...

Ah, good work!! I hope they enjoyed their treat. Always works wonders here too :)

Farmers Wifey said...

Yes they chose their most favourite chocolates and I didn't even look at the prices lolol

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do girl!