June 12, 2009

Winter sucks big time

Well, I'm officially hating winter. And as The Hubbster most lovingly reminded me this morning "suck it up, we only have another two and a half months of this". "This" being living in a open ended shed in the country, a few degrees cooler than where we used to live.

This morning was absolutely freezing. No one wanted to get out of bed. We do have a lovely wood fire but it gets a bit crowded with 5 of us sitting atop it. That's the trouble, you have to sit right next to it, because the heat disappears once you walk to the toilet and sit your butt on the frozen seat.

And don't even get me started about howling winds. That come through the shed. I am really feeling the cold right now. I completely took for granted my lovely warm house with the heating that we timed to come on around 5am each morning and warm up the entire house. We are living the complete opposite to that now. Just say, I am hardening the eff up.

My makeup was frozen in the jar this morning. Which doesn't really help the bags under my eyes. Once the sun comes up, it starts to warm up, but then by around 5pm the coldness creeps in. We went to football tonight, and by 6.30pm I had had enough. Besides not being able to feel my fingers, all three kids had demanded an icy cup and 2 out of 3 were crying because their fingers were too cold and the icy cups were too icy. I was glad to get home and get everyone dressed in their pjs and sit atop the fire.

I bought the girls some slippers come ugg boots today. Here they are:-

And if anyone ever says to me "wow you have a big house" I will say, well I deserve it because I lived in a shed, in the country, in winter, with frozen makeup and a bloody cold toilet seat.


Anonymous said...

Wow.. I love your blog.. I am new and poking around.. but this is great!

Barbara said...

You are so patient Michelle, I would have lost it by now. I hate the cold and living in a shed would be horrible in winter. I remember when we extended our old house and didn't have a roof (or heating) for about 3 weeks during winter and it was awful. Kind of makes you wish they made sheepskin pjs lol. Just think, next winter you can look out the window from your big house and give the shed the bird :P

Farmers Wifey said...

Rocksee, thanks for visiting, stick around. I'm always whinging about something lol

Barbara, thank you for your "warm" thoughts. No pun intended. And I will certainly give this shed the bird, although I may even look back on some happy memories here. Nahh, give me my house.......