July 20, 2009

Humble Pie, I ate it today

I've eaten humble pie today. I have realised that it gets you nowhere being confrontational and opinionated. I now know not to shoot my mouth off without thinking first. I believe that actions can hurt, and sometimes it is better to just..let..it..be..

I also know that I am a better person for apologising, and I can swallow my pride and admit when I was wrong. I feel good about myself and I will try to live a better, cleaner, happier life, by being passive and avoiding conflict. I don't want to make enemies, I want to be happy. I will fight for my family to the end of the Earth, but if I am wrong, I will admit it. And today proves that I am well on the way to being that better person.


Nikkers said...

I think you can be opinionated without being confrontational. I just see it as being strong willed and having faith in your own convictions...and I don't see that as a bad thing at all.
A serve of humble pie now and then doesn't do anyone harm.
You are a bigger person for admitting it when you are wrong.

Foursons said...

Be careful. Being passive and avoiding conflict can turn you into a doormat. I have years of pain from that behavior. You can always confront- but no need to be abrasive about it. And always sleep on it for 3 nights before a huge confrontation. If something is still bothering you after 3 days then it is worth speaking up about. IMHO.

Superstar said...

So make up sex??? LOL just kiddin' I hate to admit that I am wrong...It's worse when you have to APOLOGIZE for it too!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that Michelle. C. xo