July 19, 2009

Harry Potter Breakdown Pass

There was excitement in the air. The stage was set. The kids were tucked in at home. The popcorn was served. I was ready to see Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I was so freakin excited as I am a Potter fan and love getting swept away by the fantasy of it all.

I even had my own row, well there was one guy at the end but I had no one sitting next to me, which as you know, is a prerequisite for my cinema experience. The movie was fantastic, a bit darker, a bit hormonal and with some surprises that I will not give away. And then it happened. Now I know you are thinking "bahahaha Farmers Wife, it couldn't have happened again, could it?" Think back to This

I'll set the scene. The movie is fantastically good. There is 10 minutes to go. The crucial scene, the build up to revealing who the Half Blood Prince is, as well as the climax to the entire exciting thing is about to occur. What happens?? The projector breaks down. I'll repeat that THE PROJECTOR BREAKS DOWN. The room was silent, with the screen blank, the lights on and some funny guys yells out "what the fuck!". It broke the ice.

How could this possibly happen, twice in a row to me? It didn't happen during the boring bits, well there wasn't any boring bits but you know what I mean. The most exciting moments at the end of the film, and the movie breaks down. The atmosphere and ambience were ruined. The film restarted, only to stop again. We had to wait for 10 minutes but by then the feeling was gone. I'm not sure if we missed 5 minutes or so but we watched the end and that was it.

This time I did ask for a refund and I now have a breakdown free pass. WTF does it mean when they have breakdown passes at the ready? Do they "expect" this kind of thing to happen? I'll stop the bitchin now only to say that I loved the movie and I love getting swept away by it all. The two and half hours went by so quick that I could have stayed and watched more. I love the owls in the movie. I adore the music. I love seeing how the main characters have grown up in the series. I need to rewatch all the films again to remind myself how good they are. It takes me away... It's all...so...magical...


Liz Mays said...

You've actually got me wanting to see this and I didn't even care before. How'd you do that?

Foursons said...

Wow- you need a new movie theater! ASAP!!!!

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Oh no, the buildup would have just been gone ey? My son's just a bit too young for these movies yet as he's a bit freaked out by monsters etc but I can't wait till he's old enough to watch them together.