July 18, 2009

Today gave me a headache.

It's been a trying day today. And I promise to get to your blogs soon. Sorry I'm off on a tangent early in this post already.

We headed off in the cold for my son's football game which started at 8am. The Hubbster was working today. He has been helping with the coaching, and had the kids running the ball in order of their numbers. So each boy gets a good run and it's all fair. Well, for some reason that all went out the window, and the game was messy and the more energetic kids ran the ball and the quieter kids didn't.

So each time I yelled out "Mr C, have a run", the coach gave him a run. He ran the ball 3 times, compared to another boy who had 7 runs. I still don't know what has changed in the coaching, but what's the point of The Hubbster getting the kids into a good, strong routine, only to throw it out the window. *sigh* My head is starting to hurt over this.

We then went to the dvd shop, and Miss T sliced her head open on the underside of a table stacked with dvds. So off to the ambulance and to emergency to have her head glued back up. She's fine, I have a headache, and I wonder why I got out of bed this morning.


Jen at Semantically driven said...
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Anna Lefler said...
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Foursons said...

Oh yuck- that is a horrible day! Is your football what we call soccer, or is your football the same as our football?

Unknown said...

Everyone getting a run is a problem in most teams I think...it's the same in the boys teams....the quieter kids get forgotten about...I think taking in turns by jersey number is a fantastic idea!!!

Hope you have a better day today...I just finished reading Marley and me and had a big weep...what an emotional book

Foursons said...

LOL- I'd don't think that's an outrageous price for a movie ticket, do you? *snicker*