July 25, 2009

Over Facebook

I am over facebook. I think the desire to post everything about me there has faded. Not that I put alot of stuff on fb anyway but after a nasty facebook experience last weekend, which was my fault anyway, I have lost the interest in being obsessed about it.

I have deleted my photos, my information and basically everything else about me. If it wasn't such a great, easy way to keep in touch with friends, so much better than email, I would deactivate my account altogether. But I like to see what my friends are doing, I like to be able to "chat" to them online and make plans. So my profile is bare except for some games, gifts and other stuff that I really couldn't be bothered removing. I also culled my friends list from nearly 200 to 66, so you know who you are, my closest 66 friends!!

I have kept the vampires game application going though, as I am kinda obsessed at the moment. I will explain. As you remember, I am reading The Southern Vampire Mysteries, and have recently watched the series 1 of Trueblood. I am currently reading book 3 and it is awesome. I can't put these books down. They are..ahem... quite raunchy and I do admit to getting a bit turned on by all the goings on. The Hubbster thinks I have teenage syndrome and I am ridiculous, but I just say that he is just jeolous. Of my current obsession..who..is..Alexander Skarsgard, a swedish actor who plays Eric in Trueblood. Here he is, drool if you will..

And in his Trueblood character - Eric...

Currently in the story, he is the third wheel of the love triangle between the main female character - Sookie, and her vampire - Bill, who is another stunner. But I am betting that Eric and Sookie will get together, judging from the amount of sexual tension in the air between them. Now remember, I am reading this, and apparently things heat up in book 4. So if I don't blog for a while you will know that I am engrossed in book 4 of The Southern Vampire Mysteries and I won't come out until I am finished.


My weight loss journey said...

He is kind of ummmm HOT.

I've lost my love for Facebook as well although while I've removed some of my "friends" I haven't removed much else. I did make it more private.

I do find it amazing that I am in touch with people from every phase of my life so for now I keep looking sporadically.

Foursons said...

I'm over FB too. I don't delete for the same reasons as you. I don't want to lose contact with everyone.

helloally said...

wondered why i hadnt seen you post for awhile :( ...
hope ur ok tho :)

Katie said...

LOL. I clicked on this because of the picture of Mr. Hottie up there.
**Cold shower needed**
My husband and I watch True Blood together and he was AMAZED that I liked it so much because normally, Vampires aren't my thing...Anyway, he finally figured out that it's Mr. Sarsgaard there that has me hooked.