July 2, 2009


Guess what I collected today? Guess. Go on guess, guess?? Yes that's right, our house plans. Fully completed, printed and ready to be studied like crazy.

Our builder of choice is coming out this afternoon to pick up a copy and do his quote. Tommorrow The Hubbster will probably submit our plans to council and get that underway. We will get two more builder quotes and go from there. It is all happening. I am so excited. I even hugged our draftsman and apologised if I have been a bit stressy. He said he has seen worse....


katef - www.picklebums.com said...

oh I am sooo jealous.

We have renovation plans... but the plans are not complete and since I am sleeping with the builder I have inside knowledge of just how long it will take to make them even close to a reality...

Did I already say I was jealous?

Farmers Wifey said...

Yes you did lol but I am sleeping with the electrician lmao

Foursons said...

Woohoo! Exciting news!

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Barbara said...

Whooo hooo!! That is FANTASTIC news! I am so excited for you.

Farmers Wifey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kristen said...

The post makes a lot more sense when I read it as house plans instead of 'house plants'. Congrats!

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