August 22, 2009


What is with men and their beloved football teams? I mean how crazy and obsessed can they get? You see, The Hubbster and I follow St George Illawarra Dragons, we always have and always will. For my overseas readers, the Dragons play in the NRL or National Rugby League, which literally brings men to their knees and stops the times.

Now I told The Hubbster that I was going to blog about what happened last night, because it was so awful but so funny at the same time. I WON'T let him get away with it.

It was Friday night football last night and The Hubbster and Mr C were in the loungeroom watching the big game between our beloved dragons and the broncos. It was an important match as the dragons are on top of the leader board, and god help me if they are in the Grand Final I will wet myself with excitement.

Miss D and I were watching a movie in the shed and Miss T was sound asleep. Ahh bliss. The next thing, The Hubbster comes storming out of the lounge babbling like so:-

him - where's the remote for the tv, I can't find it anywhere (I actually think he had his hands on his hips at this stage)

me - how the hell should I know, I'm not even in there

him - (storms back into the lounge, and 5 mins later this happens)

him - (storms back out and says in a very cranky voice) well that's it! I'm going to bed, if no one wants to find the remote for me, the dragons are playing like shit, I'm over it, I'm going to bed. blah blah deohtogcw efuckhbrtycuhfuckreuhgticwhdtuifuckpyct94we)

And he turns the light off and slams the door shut. I wouldn't have been surprised if he had put his thumb in his mouth and had a tantrum on the spot.

Miss D and I just looked at each other and thought, what the hell was that? He was so pissed off about the dragons losing, he had a meltdown and I think this is hilarious. His best mate then rang to rub it in and The Hubbster refused to answer the phone.

This morning he woke and said to me "give daddy a hug, I was really cranky last night, wasn't I" to which I said "no kidding...."

Now saying all that, if the Dragons actually make the grand final, I will be the one having a major hissy fit if they lose. I mean, I am as obsessed about my team as The Hubbster is..... GO DRAGONS....


News From Our Nest said...

My husband is the same way.. crazy about sports.. and crazy when it comes to sports! He has kept our two year old son up way past his bedtime twice this week to watch a football pre season game and took him to a baseball game tonight.

"I wouldn't have been surprised if he had put his thumb in his mouth and had a tantrum on the spot."

That had me laughing so hard.. thanks for sharing such a funny post!

jeanie said...

Mine is a footy fan too (just quietly, that's okay, because I am too - just quietly)

But he goes for the Broncos...

He didn't have ANY problem with the outcome on Friday.

SK said...

Dragons have been performing very well this season although they have dropped their last 2 games. Anyway I've been an Eagles supporter so "GO Manly"!