August 19, 2009

Our early start today

I woke up this morning with a big, ripe pimple smack bang in the middle of the bridge of my nose. I couldn't have centred it better had I drawn it on with a texta. I mean, what am I, a frickin' teenager?

I whinged to The Hubbster and he took a close look and said....BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Great, thanks for the support buddy. All I can say is thank God for concealer.

We had a very early start today. We woke around 6am and left home by 6.45am to get The Hubbster to the airport. He's off to the specialist to see about his a) sore knee (football injury) and b) sore foot (old age *snigger*).

My daughter said "Daddy I hope the wing doesn't fall off the plane" and Daddy says "well Honey, me too!"

I said "Don't forget to eat everything they give you". It's a bit of a family joke when someone flies, to be told to eat everything on the plane. It's kinda funny when you're there, I suppose.

The Hubbster said "if you see a snake, get the keys, the gun and the ammo and shoot it" to which I reply with a stunned silence. Lucky I have been having shooting lessons with our new double barrelled shotgun, shooting milk containers and peanut butter jars, and I must say I am a damn good shot!

Of course I am all for conservation, but if I have to choose between my kids, and a snake getting too close, well sorry snake you're history.


Foursons said...

I hope the wing doesn't fall off too!

Foursons said...

Oh and stick out your tongue at men who don't wear concealer to cover those blemishes. Bahahahahaha to them!

Jen said...

Pimples suck! I think that once you have had children come from your loins there should be NO MORE PIMPLES!!!

Claudya Martinez said...

Why do you have to get the keys to shoot the snake? Do you distract the snake with the keys first and then shoot it? Or are the keys to get the gun?