September 26, 2009

Spam spam go away

I woke this morning excited to check out my blog and my comments (I know we all do this!) and I was happy to see lots of new comments listed in my email from a new user. I was happy for about 10 seconds when I realised they were spam. Nasty smelly spam.

So I have spent good blogging time removing all this crap from my blog. This is why I am nervous about posting personal info and pics to my blog, which pisses me off greatly as I hate feeling this way.

I have also been receiving suspect friend requests on msn, that is linked to my email address, so as of today I have changed that address and I have added a "comments will be posted after owners approval" or something similiar to my blog, as this has put the spook into me.

So to all my wonderful bloggy friends, please keep commenting and know how much I appreciate you following my blog, but it's the douchebags like this one today that has forced me to take action.

One last thing, in the blog settings, do you guys allow comments from anyone (including anonymous) or registered users, or google accounts only or blog followers? I am very interested in what you do with this setting. Love you guys!!


SK said...

I'm in a similar situation. So far my blog has caught over 2000+ spam comments (using a plug-in). I think most real readers don't mind a little wait to see their comments up.

Love the house pics as well!

Foursons said...

I allow comments from anyone- but now that I admit that I will probably start getting spam.

I personally don't care if my comment has to be approved before seeing it. I hit publish and move on. Doesn't bother me one bit.

Erin said...

I let anyone put comments on my blog, and I have never had a prob *knock on wood* But I would think I would do the same thing if something like that were happen to me!

Lightening said...

Sadly, spam is a part of blogging life. I don't think anyone minds the whole "approval" thing. I wouldn't restrict comments too much as it makes it hard for non "blogger" bloggers to comment, restricting the field considerably.

Barbara said...

I allow anyone to comment but have a spam filter that catches all the spam. Also anything with a link in it needs to get approval first. Haven't had any problems as yet which has been great. Sorry to hear you have already encountered some weird ones :(. Hopefully they get the hint and bugger off :)