October 16, 2009

About last night

About last nights concert. It was amazing and excellent. Ian Moss was supported by Wes Carr who was the one I was looking forward to seeing. Wes won Australian Idol last year, and he is brilliant. He was so friendly after the show, signing autographs and I gave him a big hug and he gave me some guitar picks, to help me play better. If I could play guitar like he does, I would be more than happy.

Here's Wes and I, and he gives the best hugs....I thought "I'm there!".

Ian Moss, well couldn't HE play guitar! It brought home to me once again, how much I enjoy live music, remembering that I am seeing The Shadows play in February 2010.

Here's Ian Moss, from the legendary Aussie band Cold Chisel....and me!!!


Foursons said...


jeanie said...

Any more to tell? I mean, you got hugs from both of them :)

News From Our Nest said...

I bet your kiddos think you are just the coolest mama that they know... (well when you tell stories like this anyway)