October 15, 2009

Dentist Visit

I have had one of those days today when I have been super excited about something. But to get to this "something" I have had to pay penance first. It's kind of like when you are a child and you can't wait to eat the icecream, but first, you have to eat the brocoli.

The super thing is tonights concert I am going to. And the penance is the dentist. Yes I finally did it. I kept rescheduling my appointment by coming up with the following reasons:-

* hello, I have to reschedule because I have been so stressed about the dentist, that I now have a cold sore.

* hello, my cold sore still hasn't gone, so I will have to reschedule.

* hello, I forgot it was school holidays so I will have to reschedule.

* hello, my husband is working and I need a babysitter, so i will have to reschedule.

* hello, there was an earthquake in Vanuatu, and we are now expecting a Tsunami, so I will have to reschedule.

So today there was no holiday, or cold sore, or Tsunami and I had a babysitter so I went to the appointment. And I have a new dentist and he is awesome and the visit was not so bad afterall.

Instead of the dreaded root canal *shudder* treatment I was going to have, I am now having my problem tooth extracted *fucking shudder* and a tooth implant put in.

So does this mean I will have a bionic tooth able to chew through the toughest of steaks? Noooooooo, but at least I won't have a gap in my palate. It's actually a top tooth along the side, and when I smile you can just see it but as I am kind of vain and don't want a gappy smile, I am having an implant.

Apparently they are all the rage. So my next big issue was whether to have it pulled out in the dentist chair or in hospital. Local or general anesthetic? I had a horrific tooth extraction experience with my wisdom teeth that I just DO NOT WANT TO REVISIT.

I had the bottom two out in hospital, but the first one was extracted in the dentist chair, and I will never forget it. The lovely but possibly psychotic nurse held my head while the dentist pulled my tooth out, not unlike a scene from the movie "Saw".

So you can see my hesitation. But I have decided to brave it and just have it out with the dentist. And if he hurts me, I may well have it out with him for real.

Apparently as well as having the usual local needle to numb my mouth, I can have the laughing gas, so I shouldn't have a care in the world. Great. It sounds like a party.


Doodles said...

I am so glad that you dentist visit was not as horrible as you have been imagining it. Have a wonderful day.

Liz Mays said...

I completely dread the dentist but the laughing gas will help when you go back for the rest of the work!

jeanie said...

Enjoy Mossy tonight!!!

boynevicki said...

you got the icecream!!!!!.....now what's better than a hug from Wes after the dentist???!!!

Foursons said...

Your excuses crack me up! Glad you finally went. My mom went for the tooth extraction and fake tooth option too. I think her tooth had decayed so much that there was no other option. Good luck and let us know how it goes! (Oh and make sure you tell the dentist what will happen to him if he F's you over.)

Farmers Wifey said...

The concert was excellent!