October 9, 2009

Hello hand

Today I was going to whinge and moan about all the things I can't do with only one hand, but then I saw a one armed man in the supermarket and realised that my hand will work again and his won't. Because he hasn't got one....So I have changed this post to:-

The things I can do today that I couldn't do yesterday with one hand.... remembering that my stitches still hurt like hell, but I am hardening the f*uck up....

* hook my bra up
* cook spaghetti bolognaise for tea
* blog (slowly - so I promise to get to your blogs soon)
* pour a malibu and coke
* or a wine
* make a toasted sandwich
* clean the pool filter
* open the chook gate
* put deodorant under both arms

I still can't tie my shoelaces or open a jar of jam, or drive our truck, but that's why I am married.


TheRixonFive said...

You are a Hoot!!! Thanks for the giggles!!

Foursons said...

So glad you still have your hand! When will the test results be in?

I hope by Monday that you are back to normal and can do all the things you love...like blog of course.