October 8, 2009

Oh the pain...the pain...

I didnt think it was physically possible, but this both sucks and blows. - Bart Simpson.

I'm hearing ya Bart.

Oh God, it was as bad as I thought it would be. My big 4 stitches hurt like hell. It's because they are on the back of my hand that I am having so much pain. Each time I move my fingers or my arm swings, it feels like someone is hitting my hand with a hammer, because I am using all the muscles in my fingers and my hand, and everything is stretching. This is the worst possible place to have a skin issue, besides the face of course.. But the thing I am focusing on is that the pathology came back clear, it's all gone. Thank you God...

It's day two and my hand throbbed all yesterday (once the anesthetic wore off, until then I couldn't feel a thing) so today I have my arm strapped up across my chest with my hand higher than my heart to stop the swelling. It's too late because my hand and fingers are swollen up in an ugly sight and thank God I didn't have my bling on...

I showed The Hubbster the stitches today, when I changed the dressing and I thought he was going to have a cow. He said:

"are you kidding me, those are baby stitches, how could that possibly hurt?

After bitch slapping him with my good hand I explained about the location of the stitches and how each time I moved blah blah blah as above. This is my first official wound (not counting the stitches in my who haa after childbirth) so to me, it's a big thing. He has had so many medical issues, this is a piece of cake to him. Let me name them for you:-

Two broken legs - different times

Nose reconstruction with cartilage taken from his chest to rebuild his nose

Numerous stitches in his foot and a steel pin in his toe just recently

Broken collerbone

Three trips to hospital with various foot gashes etc etc etc

So my one big trauma is not so big to him.. In saying that, he has been very helpful but for a man who can build or fix anything, he totally sux at putting the girls hair in ponytails, or putting the washing on the line quickly or in any sense of order. BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING, I would be lost without him......

Complete with blood stain for effect...


Foursons said...

OK, ignore my question on your latest post. I read your blog backwards. Glad you got the "all clear." Whew!

I have a feeling that once the swelling goes down your hand is going to feel tons better. Swelling will make it ache something fierce.

Erin said...

OUCHIE OUCHIE OUCHIE!! I KNOW that hurts no matter what anyone says!!!

BB said...


That looks sore! Terrible place to have stitches... hope they are feeling better.

Came here via my sister (Jeanie in Paradise)... and have no idea why I have not found you before!

Liz Mays said...

Ow ow ow ow ow..you poor thing!