January 18, 2010

Stupid blog

Okay so my sick blog was caused by my do it yourself post, that apparently messed up the whole show. So what do I do? Delete the post, and your fabulous comments WITHOUT saving it all. Hmmm blonde moment possibly??

So now I will repost in a very simple, cut to the chase format because I can't remember what I posted yesterday.....

- do it yourself book covering without the stress
- without using sticking, annoying contact
- save your sanity
-this post sucks

Oh, you'll never guess what??? I deleted all the photos from my camera yesterday so I could take some pics of some eagles...that never landed. So I don't even have the pics to prove my do it yourself!!

I'm giving up. Forget I even mentioned the entire thing and we'll start afresh tommorrow.


Journo June aka MamaBear said...

Wait, what???? How can you delete photos without saving them first????? That's just unheard of! ;-)

Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Glad you got your blog fixed, but sorry I didn't get to see the DIY post. :-)

Path to Health

crazymamaof3 said...

Girl..I have done that before! Once I wrote a fabulouso post on my blog and the deleted it and was sick and tired of all the time it took me I just said..boo who and moved on! Monday will be better and hey I beleive you..I bet it was AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

ah bummer - hope tomorrow is an amazing day for you :)

Liz said...

I can't save your comments, but my feed reader still had your post archived...

"So Christmas and New Year are over. The decorations are put away and it's about time to start thinking about getting the kids back to school.

This means books. School books. Covering these books. I don't know about mums in America, but here in Oz, most mums cover the school books with contact. With a range of themes available (think anything from Barbie to Ben 10 to Winnie the Pooh) it's the thing to do.

Well, I've had enough. Usually I sit myself down with the tv on, a glass (bottle) of wine, the books and the dreaded contact. And I say dreaded because it is an absolute pain in the butt to work with.

It's sticky, and it sticks to your fingers and anything else that gets in its way. It bubbles up, so it looks untidy by the 20th book, because by then, you don't give a damn how good the book looks, you just want this hell to be over.

Now that I am not drinking (day 22 thanks very much) I decided not to put myself through this agony and come up with something different. Easy. Stressfree. Manageable. So I present to you a step by step guide to covering school books without feeling like sticking needles in your eyes through the stress of using fucking contact.

I don't even think I will write instructions here, as the photos speak for themselves and I have saved some of my sanity (by the way, I have finished the books in a clear contact which is not the same as the themed annoying contact).

Note the pile of uncovered books in the corner *sigh*."

And the images (as still hosted by blogspot):