March 17, 2010

Politicians are funny

I don't particularly like politics, but damn we have some funny politicians in Australia. Take Julie Bishop, our Deputy Leader of the Opposition. Apparently she was heckled during an interview and this resulted in the following death stare:-

Then some wag decided to turn it into Julie Bishop Using The Force:-

God I think this is funny, I can't even look at her without giggling now!

So to our Prime Minister. Kevin Rudd. Probably the most unlikeable one we have had. He is rude to flight attendants, looks down his nose at the most unfortunate, and can't even lower himself to the common man. I really don't like him. I know that sounds unpatriotic but I just do not respect him.

Our previous Prime Minister John Howard was better. He was more approachable, as I found out one day whilst shopping at the mall. As I walked on through, there seemed to be alot of fuss with a crowd of people gathering around. I made my way to the crowd and realised there were alot of very important looking burly security people hanging around this one guy.

And it turned out to be Prime Minister John Howard. He was on a meet and greet with the people so I made my way over, realising this was my one and only chance of meeting him. I pushed my way to the front of the crowd and when he looked over, I put my hand out and said in a (too) excited voice " Hi, I'm Farmers Wife!". (insert name here).

He shook my hand and said hello and moved on. And that was that. He was shorter than I thought but really friendly. So that was my 5 seconds with the Prime Minister of Australia.

I really like Barack Obama and would love to know your thoughts, since alot of my readers are Americian. Is he popular over there, do people like him, can he "connect" with the public....

And I really like Michelle (cool name) Obama, she seems really down to earth and easygoing. For a first lady. And she has got great style.

On a more serious note, we are possibly expecting a visit from Cyclone Ului on the weekend. Come on, I'm just too busy for a cyclone right now. We have dance festival rehearsal on Saturday, so I better not get blown off my hill because the ballet takes preference.

It's already really windy here, but hopefully it will blow on through like the one we had this time last year, and I won't have to visit the tinned food isle as I did back then.


Unknown said...

lmao! I wish you really had said "Hi I am the Farmers Wife" hahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I like the Obamas. I think that they are good for our country.
I feel badly for them because of the way they are being treated by the opposition and by the right wing news media.
I think they are real people, who are trying to do a good job. They seem like good parents and I like that Michelle's mother put her own life on hold to come to the White House to help with the girls.

You are not unpatriotic to not like a person in office. That's what's good about our types of gov't. We have freedoms to do that.

That 'death stare' is funny.

Mel said...

Can you imagine having her as your mum? LOL You would never put a foot wrong.

Can't say I'm a fan of K-Rudd. I read an interesting artcicle the other day outlining his ministers lack of business experience and the massive debt we have been thrown into. Very scary.

But yes, I agree, Obama seems to have his head screwed on.

Good luck with the cyclone. I really hope it doesn't hit. I'll be thinking of you when the wind starts picking up down here this weekend :)

Melissa B. said...

I use this technique on my every time! Thanks for giving me a good giggle...

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Goodness, I hope the cyclone misses you! Happy weekend!


Kakka said...

Okay, now I am laughing out loud (had to write it in full). Julie Bishop is a prat, Tony Abbott is an idiot and Kevin Rudd is an ass. Who does that leave for me to vote for? No-one.

I like Obama too, but is seems a lot of Americans don't.

How can he be worse than Bush is the question I ask myself.

Rachel said...

The video is too funny! I love it when people communicate with their body language - and she makes no attempt to disguise what she is really thinking, haha!

I'll take the unpopular stance here and say that I'm not an Obama fan. I don't vote along party lines, so it's not a partisan thing. I simply have been saddened by some of his comments (that were rather unpatriotic) and some of his quick decisions that seemed race-based (the arrest of the African-American professor that he decried before the facts were out, etc).

But I love my country and support our leaders.

Jeanette said...

I like Obama about as much as you like your current Prime Minister. I think he's bad, bad, bad for our country and all that we stand for. Yeah, I said it.

Hope you can avoid the cyclone. Yikes!

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

I do like Michelle Obama, and Barack. I'm not too keen on all the things he's doing, but he does have a very difficult situation to deal with.

Dawn said...

Hi! Thanks for following my blog! I appreciate it. I returned the favor.

This American loathes our president. There are way to many reasons to list. All I can say is a lot of people have the wool pulled over their eyes.

My husband threated to move to Aus. if Obama got elected. Alas, we are still here. PRAYING he gets voted out before he does anymore damage.

Whew! That felt good. I never talk politics on my blog. Ha!

News From Our Nest said...

As long as Sarah Palin is far far away from the oval office I'm happy.

If you want a good laugh:

"Obama's facebook"

Kellyansapansa said...

Julie Bishop's hair scares me! Julia Gillard is another strange one.