April 6, 2010


My facebook status:-

Kids, clean up your room and you can have an easter egg. Kids, make your beds and you can have an easter egg. Kids, sweep the tennis court and you can have an easter egg. I love Easter.

I seriously do. What better time of the year to be able to bribe your kids (lawfully) into getting them to do heaps of work and get paid in easter eggs? Oh yeah, that's right. Christmas. For presents...possibly. Nah I'm not that mean.

We had an awesome Easter. The easter hunt on the farm went well, except this Easter Bunny mumma forget where she put some of the eggs..so they are still MIA. Probably melted into oblivion by now. Or eaten by a farm animal.

We've done the movies, the park, the chicken shop for lunch, the boats and fish at the marina (The Hubbster took the kids there yesterday after their takeaway lunch while Farmers Wife went to work) and the big easter harbour festival which is on at this time every year.

Miss D pleaded with me to go on the Hurricane ride with her. In case you're wondering is this ride as scary and stupidly crazy as it sounds, here it is:-

And in case you missed it the first time:-

Oh Farmers Wife, you say, this ride doesn't look so scary. Pardon me, but see those long arms attached to the pods? They go around as well as up and down at the same time - fast. Accompanied by a loud whooooshing sound which I am sure was the pods just missing the tops of the trucks parked nearby or my heart falling out of my chest.

Miss D:- how long does this ride go for?
Me:- not bloody long I hope.
Miss D:- good.

We screamed, we laughed. And I dribbled out of the corner of my mouth as my butt lifted off the seat.

The Hubbster and I loved these thrilling fast rides before kids. We went bungee jumping, skydiving (him) and did all of that, but now, my stomach just can't handle it. I still love the thrill, but my body doesn't like the motion. One ride on this, and I was done.


Foursons said...

I used to be able to ride all that before kids too. Now, I stand at the side and take pictures.

You have tennis courts?

Melissa B. said...

The story of my life. Love the snaps!

Tracie said...

Why does age ruin EVERYTHING?? I rode the whimpy version of a couple of rides at Disney (less motion for old farts like me) and STILL got queasy. Life is not fair. I thought I was supposed to be getting better like a fine wine. I feel more like vinegar. And not balsalmic either.

paige said...

Looks like fun!! For someone else. I used to love the rides but now I'm apparently OLD. Ah well. All the better for taking photos.

Kakka said...

Dribble - I love it. Age definitely does change us. I used to love these when I was a teenager - now not so much. Thanks so much for giving me a laugh tonight. xxx

dusty earth mother said...

I got motion sickness just from reading this post. Hurricane, Bleccchhhh... You're a good mom.

Gucci Mama said...

I love that ride! And I'm all about bribing my children for my general benefit. ;)

Being Me said...

Ha ha ha! Easter is great for that, I must admit.

Oh, that ride. Yes, I know the one. You're so right and so much braver than me, I knew I'd leave my stomach behind and probably do worse than dribble if I went on it when I saw it at our local festival this year.