May 9, 2010

Raving Lunatic. That's Me. post of yesterday. Regarding the muffin and the plate. I think that was written by some crazy, mental, possessed banshee in the middle of a tantrum. Oh yeah, that was me. Yesterday. Today I'm fine.

You see, I had pmt. Or Pre Menstrual Tension for you men who may not know what it means. Of course if you are married, you probably are already familiar with it.

Last night I wouldn't have at all been surprised if my head started to spin and I spewed blood on the walls (reference The Exorcist) .

For just two days per month I turn into a raving madwoman, cranky with the world and all it represents. The Hubbster likes to point this out to me by saying "ahhhh, so it's that time of the month..that explains everything". I could punch him in the nose there and then.

So the issue with the muffin and the plate is so unimportant that it's embarrassing, but last night I had steam coming from my ears when I arrived home to find that The Hubbster had eaten my chocolate muffin that I had been saving because I have been to the gym, eating right and savouring this little treat for my hard work. He didn't even ask. He just stuffed it down, crumbs and all.

I was furious. I can't believe how pissed off I was (remember PMT people). He offered no explanation. Although he did buy me flowers today, under the guise of Mothers Day so maybe he feels guilty!

So while I washed up roughly, splashing water from the sink, I wiped his favourite breakfast plate (the crappy one with the chips and crack in it from our old dinner set) and accidently dropped it on the floor. Opps. I can't believe I did that. Who the hell am I?

I hate feeling like this. It's very emotional. It's the hormones of course. I can't believe the crap that comes out of my mouth, I don't even make sense to myself.

And as quick as it comes, it's over. But I can't take back being a bitch for those two days to the ones I love the most. I really think I need some medication. Or some herbs at least. Or a shopping holiday. That would do.


paige said...

It's funny you post this today because I had the SAME experience a few days ago. It's a new one for me, but I just yelled something horrible at the fiance because of PMS that I would never, ever say otherwise. I was like, "Who the heck is this person saying things with my mouth?" It was awful. AWFUL. I feel for you. Well, and me, too.

Kakka said...

LOL did he recover from the breakage? I am so glad that I am over PMT, I didn't often get it, but when I did - everyone ran for cover. And there is no excuse for eating your muffin, PMT or not.

mummydiaries said...

Ha - I thought I was the only one that got insanely angry when I discover that my husband has finished off the last piece of cake/chocolate I was planning to eat.
It's not PMT for me though, just everyday anger.

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

I feel your pain. Your frustration. Your PMT.

Hang in there.

dysey70 said...

I just had a week of it, Ms S had hers, I had mine, it was like a mind field here this week. Though sadly Hubster thinks I am just being being a B#%@*, he doesn't even connect the dots. So I took myself off to the Homeopath to get stress relief/PMS tablets that work a treat. But told him I went and got them because it is always my fault so better fix it! That is there suffering for not having all the hormones/birth stories/hormones/PMS/did I mention hormones we have to deal with.