September 11, 2010

Aussie Hugs

Today I'm thinking about my beautiful friends in America.

Today September 11th.

The date needs no explanation.

I still remember the exact moment. Where I was.

What I was doing.

It was all too surreal.

It wasn't my country, but it was my favourite "other country" besides my own...

My love for America was imprinted in my heart when I travelled there several years ago.

There are no words. Really.

God Bless America from an Aussie.....


AJ-OAKS said...

Beautiful. Thanks. :)

Christine Macdonald said...

Thanks honey. I am stilling in bed watching this video I posted on my blog and have tears of joy... we all have the capacity to love and share compassion. If anything was gained from that horrible day 10 years ago, it's that we are all aware LOVE and COMPASSION are alive in us all.

Jason, as himself said...

Thank you! I love Aussies.