September 24, 2010

Random Post, because I want to

I have so much random shit going on in my mind, I thought it was time for another Random Spandom post, or the Post where you write down all the stuff that doesn't deserve a post of it's own. That totally doesn't make sense, but it's late and I've had two wines.

First up, the Eisteddfod is over (thank you Lord) and we had a very successful first time. A rundown:

Groups Day - 4 firsts and 1 second......and a can of hairspray and nearly a tub of glitter later.

Solos - Miss D came 2nd in Jazz, and received a Highly Commended in Jazz Interperative. She is very very happy and so am I.........

It's school holidays and guess what? It's been raining.... all peculiar??

And still on that subject, this week The Hubbster took holidays and we hired scaffolding to finish painting the exterior of The Money Pit. Have you seen this weeks' forecast? No, well I'll tell you what it is - rain, thunderstorms, fucking more rain, due to clear up the day he goes back to work.

Can you see any painting getting done? Can you see Farmers Wifey grinding her teeth through sheer frustration? Can you ever see us moving into the house as we just can't seem to get it done??

Last night I discovered something amazing. Something akin to near bliss. I realised that because I now have a laptop, if I have a scenario where The Hubbster is watching the footy on the big tv, the kids are watching a crappy Disney movie on the small tv, I can use my daughters Ipod headphones, plug them into my laptop, climb into my warm bed (usually with a snuggly 3rd child sound asleep there) and watch a dvd of my choice while drinking wine. In bed. Warm and snuggly. In bed. With wine. Can you believe it?

I never even thought about this before. I always thought beds were for sleeping in and for being trashed by the kids or even for trampoling on (kids again). See I don't ask for much and this little realisation has made me very happy.

On a bright note to finish, the chooks have started laying again. I think they saw the axe and realised that I am not feeding them for free. We had bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning, the first time in ages because I refuse to buy eggs when I have lazy arse chooks who think they are living in a resort.


Christine Macdonald said...

I love reading your posts. :)

Jen said...

rofl..I am now imagining you as Mrs McKreedy in Chicken Run! :p

Totally and utterly agree with you on the watching dvd's in bed with headphones! it is so indulgent :) I will sure miss the laptop when i hand it back into work at the end of the year.

jeanie said...

I LOVE the concept of movies in bed!!!

Diminishing Lucy said...

You are very cute - you and your bed and wine, in bed.

Foursons said...

Yay for the new laptop! Enjoy the freedom of your bed and a glass of wine. We need new house picture updates.

katepickle said...

see, yet another reason why I need a laptop!