October 27, 2010

My Roadtrip: An Aussie in America Day 4

Sunday 27th October 1996

Los Angeles to Vegas Baby

We began our contiki tour at 7am driving out of Los Angeles and heading towards Las Vegas.

On the tour were 47 of us, plus our driver Gary and our tour director Jeff. We had 42 aussies, and the balance of travellers were from Japan, Korea and Germany.

I remember it was cold. We arrived around midday and had lunch in Caesars Palace. They had these amazing white statues everywhere that moved and changed, and this indoor sky that changed from night to day. I can't really explain it but we were inside and the ceiling was blue skies, then they would change to sunset then darkness with stars...

We walked around for the afternoon and it was freezing....we checked into our hotel and had dinner at Excalibur Hotel and Casino .The bus trip of the Strip at night was amazing..the colour, the lights..

We split into groups but came together for a show called Splash at the Riviera Hotel. We visited the Graceland Wedding Chapel where Elvis sang for us....was he real? Of course he wasn't...or was he????

This place never stops. Night and Day become one. Once you go into a casino, there are no windows so you could be inside for 24 hours and not know whether it is day or night. We walked the Strip, looking inside the casinos and got back to our hotel after midnight.

We spent the early morning hours in the hotel bar, drinking, playing games and listening to a man playing the piano and singing. There was a group of 10 of us, just chilling out.

My favourite memory is of walking outside and watching the Vegas sunrise.

Tune in tommorrow for some Vegas pics. The journey continues......


Foursons said...

Isn't it amazing how Vegas manages to make the hours between day and night blend into one.

Sandra said...

Can't wait for the pics!