January 22, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts Week 3

Saturdays come around so fast when you know you have to post about your weeks weight loss!

I've had a very busy week. I've been working full time hours to catch up on work, while The Hubbster has been home to stay with the kids. I take my hat off to full time working mothers because I am exhausted!!

I work all day, get Miss D to dancing somehow for the workshop she had this week, get home, cook dinner, spend time with the kids, and flop on the couch at night, refusing to go to bed early because I need some chill out time.

My back is not too bad at the moment. I've been stretching twice a day and have been doing some crazy core strengthening exercises that I continue to do although I feel quite ridiculous at the time. I know they are good for me.

I"ve done no other exercise because it's the last week of school holidays and I've been so busy with work, and covering school books...I am hoping that next week I will become more focused when our routine begins again.

On the eating front, well I've eaten too many mint slice biscuits, one night of pizza, two chicken kievs and some vegetables thrown in there somewhere. And way too much bread.

My weight loss for the Saturday weigh ins are:-

Start 70.5 kg
Week 1 69.7 kg
Week 2 69.9 kg
Week 3 69.3 kg

I'm not sure how I've actually lost weight this week but I have and I'm not complaining.

I have two mini goals and they are to stay out of the 70's....and to have a slow and steady weight loss each week so it stays off!

How did you guys do this week? I can't wait to read your stories....


Cate said...

Woo Hoo - sounds like you've had a heck of a week too! But well done you for getting through it alive (no wonder you lost weight anyway!).

Sounds like you're on a roll - but don't forget to get enough sleep - it is actually important in the whole weight loss game :-)

Anonymous said...

Dance classes over the holidays. Oh no. I;m so loving not having to do the saturday ballet thing atm. Yay for weight loss. I can't wait to see the 70s again - might take a few more weeks I think :)

Anonymous said...

My old gp always said that slow, steady loss was the only way to keep it off. :)

Photography said...

I think we will all be on the higher road when the littler people go back to school. But everyone seems to making progress none the less so I think that is good :-) I hope i can shift this illness and have a better week too :-)

sevencherubs said...

well done! you have had an awesome week - I am so jealous you have made it under 70 - so exciting - keep up the great work and hopefully it will continue to fall off :) Naomi x

Maleny Mumma said...

Hi there - I have just found your blog. Congratulations on all the hard work you are doing.
I noticed you are supporting fundraisers for the victims of the Queensland floods and I thought I would write about the little rally that I have started to make handmade toys for the children that lost everything in the floods. If you can help or know of anyone who can please see my link
Thank you!
I look forward to following your Battle of the Blogger Butts progress.

Hear Mum Roar said...

Well done! As you know, I'll join in soon:)

Anonymous said...

I'm not checking in because I'm losing weight, too, although that would be a good thing! Well done though, you're doing really great.
CJ xx

parenting ad absurdum said...

I had to check out this post just because of the title :). Looks like you're doing great - congratulations!! I'm exercising with gusto, but eating accordingly...no weigh in for me!!

Sandra said...

You're doing great! And you have goals. You are all set lady!