February 4, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts Week 5

My week started on Sunday with excruciating back and pelvic pain. It was an awful day. I was teary and cranky and not very nice to be around.

I then realised that my period was due and in fact it arrived that day...which accounted for my shitty back and pelvic pain that I am accustomed to.

I took a nurofen and the pain subsided.

I had a physio appointment first thing Monday morning where I had some traction which is always fun and some deep tissue massage and went over my stretches and core strengthening exercises with my physio Ben.

My back hasn't been too bad this week..still sore but very tolerable. I've been working alot so I haven't done any other exercise besides driving the kids to their social lives (dancing, birthday parties, school).

I'm not expecting to have lost any weight this week so my weigh in went as follows:-

Start 70.5 kg
Week 1 69.7 kg
Week 2 69.9 kg
Week 3 69.3 kg
Week 4 69.9 kg
Week 5 70.3 kg

Bugger. I've gained 400 grams and I'm not surprised given the amount of pringles chips I've eaten this week.

Time to get serious I think...how did you do this week?


Corrie said...

it's hard work let me tell you! Don't give up because at least you didn't gain kilos over that time! I'm doing biggest loser/tony ferguson meal replacement bars and have lost 5 kgs since just before new years eve. I find them easy to do because if you're on the run you don't have to think too hard and just have one full meal a day which is dinner! so 5kgs down and 4 to go. I totally recommend them if you just need a kick start!

now finally I answered your sewing question, I'm so sorry because when you asked my life was crazy but I hope this isn't too late and steers you in the right direction! I have a good 2 weeks of emails and questions to answer but hadn't forgotten about you! http://retromummy.blogspot.com/2011/02/sewing-101.html

Dreaming said...

Uh oh...Pringles! They are one of my favorites. I think the worst part is that the salt in them makes me retain water. At least, that's the excuse I like to use when I've gained weight!
I didn't weigh it this week, but I did try to track my food intake using the WW site. I was on track and so, theoretically, should have lost some. Some of my jeans feel better, too.

Unknown said...

I had a good week, and im pretty sure it had something to do with the fact that i finally stopped giving a crap about what others think and headed to the pool.(and really enjoyed myself) :D

Liz said...

Hooray! We all get to start over again LOL

sevencherubs said...

I think you have done awesome this week - you got down to 69.3 - that is so close! you are doing it - it is happening even though you are injured - keep going lovely. Naomi xx

Photography said...

I really hope your back eases up soon. It is a bit a a hamper and must be uncomfortable. You do need to take it easy though as to not damage it again. Does yoga or anything help for backs? But don't give up we are all barracking for each other :-)

Jane said...

You're doing a top job- especially with your injury.
I put on 300g and I did the right things this week. And don't have a sore back. I'm off to open some Pringles.......

Cate said...

This back business is just no good!
Are you still able to get out and go for a brisk walk? That should help get things moving if you can do that regularly. Also, do you have access to a dietician out in farmer-land? If not the CSIRO diet book is very good. As is 'the Hughy diet' by Ian Hewitson.
Or maybe just swap the pringles for popcorn???

Tracy said...

Sounds like your back is slowly getting better? I hope that it continues! You have been doing so well despite the pain - I'm really impressed! Keep going lovely x

Anonymous said...

Really hope your back is on the mend Farmers wifey - it really makes it an uphill battle. Sending loads of healthy back vibes your way for this week. Cazxx