February 5, 2011

I like the Just Out Of Bed Look

I did some ironing the other day.

That statement scares even me.

First of all I had to find the ironing board, which was covered in non ironing related crap in the loungeroom.

The crap consisted of several dvds, in and out of their cases, a block of wood (I have no idea why it was there or its function), a dinner bowl that I absolutely refuse to move as 1) it's not mine and 2) I'm not the house slave, and a pair of muddy work boots size unknown.

After I threw everything on the floor, I proceded to start the ironing which is such an outdated house chore that I can't even remember how to do it.

I know you're saying "oh Farmers Wifey", surely you jest, you DO know how to iron don't you"?

But of course I do, but it's just the mundanity of the task that makes me let it build up until The Hubbster has no tee shirts to wear because they are all in the ironing basket.

Mundanity is a word as I googled it on Free Online Dictionary in case you're wondering....

So after I ironed his 12 shirts! and found enough coathangers to hang them on, there wasn't alot left in the ironing basket which leads me to think that The Hubbster only wears clothes that need to be ironed and the rest of us wear iron free clothes which I love.

Except for Miss T's pleated school skirts which totally suck but I wouldn't let her wear them unironed so I grit my teeth and iron the pleats.

Actually I also iron jeans and my work pants but I don't iron sheets, pillow cases or tea towels and if I ever got to that stage I think I'd rather stick forks in my eyes because then I would know I had too much time on my hands....

I'd rather play Lego with the kids.

Image from Photobucket I'm sure my Ironman obsessed son will appreciate this.


Megan Blandford said...

I hate ironing so much that I specifically search for clothes that don't need ironing. Luckily that's easier since hubby and I no longer work in offices. The funny thing is that when we recently stayed with my parents, my two-year-old daughter saw my dad ironing and was asking questions about what he was doing - she's never seen an iron before! (Yes, I do feel slightly ashamed about that. But only very slightly.)

A Farmer's Wife said...

I don't get why people iron things like sheets. I just don't get it!

Polly said...

Got to iron jeans, they are way to uncomfortable otherwise. I seem to iron my husbands clothes far more than mine - so maybe its a man thing.

Anonymous said...

I never iron. Haven't done for years. We just lived in creased clothes!

CJ xx

Claireyh said...

I never iron the Mr's stuff, never ever. I hardly iron my own. But I would love to have ironed sheets, pillow cases and tablecloths. One day, when I get an ironing lady, she will just do baskets of linen.

Kylie said...

I don't iron stuff unless I really have too. My kids are little so barely anything of theirs ever needs ironing and my husband is so fussy I told him early in our marriage he can do it himself.

Thankfully he only needs to iron a shirt for church, other than that his work clothes don't need it.

And who are these people that iron sheets and underwear and things? lol. Not me!

Great blog.

Rosie said...

My husband knows I am about to do sewing when I drag out the iron and ironing board, as it is the only time I use them.

I am a bad wife who sends her husband to work with unironed work shirts. But I am also the lazy wife who sewed the shirts shut so the buttons wouldn't fall off.

Diminishing Lucy said...

Mundanity. I am so stealing that.

I am an ironer.

Diminishing Lucy: To iron or not to iron.........

I don't iron sheets, but I do iron the pillowcases and the quilt covers.

I iron all our clothes. Not socks and jocks and undies, but everything else.

Lame, I know. But telling me not to is akin to telling me to not breath...

Being Me said...

I don't understand anyone who "enjoys ironing". The two words don't go together anywhere in my vocabulary.

LOVE the image, hilarious! And hey, here's a radical idea: Get the hubby to iron his own t-shirts.... Imagine how that suggestion would go down....

Farmers Wifey said...

@ Megan, don't be ashamed...my hubbster doesn't know what one is either..

@ A Farmers Wife, if I had someone else to iron my sheets they could as how nice would they feel freshly pressed!!

@ Polly, yes I think it's a man thing as well!!

@,CJ as do we here..most of the time!

@ Claireyh, I would love for someone else to do it....

@ AM, imagine ironing your undies..at least they'd be warm when you put them on!

@ Miss Rosie, what a great tip for me, I'm getting my needle and thread out now!!

@ Lucy, I think you are amazing, I really do xox

@ Being me, yes I wonder what he'd think of that??

Starfish said...

Brilliant, I'm on a roll finding like minded bloggers with aversions to housework.
All great inspiration for my new fave blog topic "Fake-Tidy".
My first post featured handy hints on wardrobe wrangling, dirty dishes and what to do with the random clutter that accumulates on surfaces just like the stuff on your ironing board! I know have two topics for my next post, stains and ironing. How exciting!
Would you mind if I include a link back to your blog in my ironing piece?


Annette Piper said...

My ironing frequently rises to levels that would crush a small child should it tip over. I'm almost there again and I can guarantee I have maybe 6 things in there (out of the dozens and dozens and dozens of everyone else's!)